Those who want to shape the future must concern themselves with it.

This is why we offer the “Mini Makers” practical further training in order to enable pedagogical staff in kindergartens and preschools to independently provide sophisticated pedagogical services and educational projects relating to “digital media competence”.

With close interconnection between theory and practice, the participants gain the necessary skills to successfully plan and implement learning opportunities, along with didactic tips and background knowledge about how children play and learn in the digitalized world.

Practical training course for educational staff in kindergartens

The “Mini Makers” practical training courses are aimed at educational staff who work with children aged 3–8 and are interested in using digital media and technology in early childhood education.
The “Mini Makers” practical training courses had been developed within the scope of a European project that is financed with European Union funds and supported by the Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Science and Research and the Paritätische Wohlfahrtsverband of the Berlin Regional Association.

Objectives of the training course

The “Mini Makers” qualification enables you to provide pedagogically established services in the fields of electricity, technology, robotics, language development, natural sciences or art using digital tools. You will meet all requirements for educational staff that are stipulated in the technology and media pedagogy curricula. You will acquire a basic understanding of media-pedagogic approaches and contribute to advancing the educational tasks of kindergartens.

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